Do you want learn how to be an amazing massage therapist?

2020 announcement:

Our new diploma course starts 15th August 2020. NB SCMT is running only one diploma course this year. So book now!

Wow it’s been such a challenging and growthful time. Our precious massage training school, along with so many more, have been stuck in the Covid 19 mud for many months. We didn’t think we’d get out. But through hard work, guts and determination we have pulled ourselves out of the mud and our big wheels are starting to turn again. We’re delighted to offer new students a blended approach to learning massage. We’ve developed a fantastic new website: www.sheffieldmassagetraining.co.uk
specifically for our online courses

Shaking off mud takes time so we’re starting slowly, but our big wheels are turning. Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd for the inspiration.

Currently available online:

Introduction to Massage (absolute beginners – link will take you to our sister website)
Deep Tissue Massage (CPD: anatomy revision and guided learning for qualified therapists)
Get Your Pratice Covid Ready   (CPD: based on GCMT guidelines – link will take you to our sister website)

All our courses are dedicated to MASSAGE!

We look forward to start up face to face massage courses:

For beginners: Taster Days, Introductory courses, Couples Weekends, beginner courses. All these are designed for people who want to learn massage to use with friends and family.

Our diploma level 4 course entitles you to work with members of the public. You need to do one of our beginners courses, including our Online Introduction to Massage course, before you can enrol on the diploma course.

CPD (continuous professional development) courses are geared towards professional massage therapists and can be taken after graduation from our diploma level 4 course.