Cha – footi in Norfolk

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Date(s) - Sat 04 Sep 2021 - Sun 05 Sep 2021
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Category : Continuing Professional Development - for qualified massage therapists

Chavutti Thirumal, literally means “foot pressure” in the Malayalam language. It’s a traditional Indian massage technique using the practitioners’ own feet and was developed by the Kalari Martial Artists of Kerala India (Kalaripayattu). Chavutti is thought to be about two thousand years old.

Now to the present day! SCMT has created a modern, westernised approach to this versatile massage called Cha – footi. Fusing the traditional with the need to reframe our massage practice since the recent Covid reign. Cha – footi is perfect as it uses the practitioner’s feet instead of hands and it distances the essential facial area from ourselves and the client; there is at least a metre distance during some of the Cha – footi practice. Traditionally hanging on a rope, we will utilise chairs to aid our balance to give Cha – footi.

NB: This is a two day course on Saturday & Sunday. Why not combine with a long weekend ie Friday to Monday and SCMT can arrange accommodation close to the venue at a small extra cost.

Are you looking for an additional skill that gives you distance from your client and at the same time connects you both in the soulful and emotional way you have grown accustomed to?

Cha – footi is a brand new approach and provides you with a safe, hands free alternative as we adjust to the new normal of professional massage.

The course will include:

  • Standing & sitting techniques using your own feet – use of two chairs for balance, the practitioner uses their own feet as if they were hands. In the seated, clothed approach, the practitioner is seated on a chair and uses their own feet ie heels & toes as if they were hands.
  • Benefits of Cha – footi to the practitioner and to the client
  • Equipment required for Cha – footi
  • History, philosophy theory & film footage from India
  • Contraindications & warnings and when not to Cha – footi
  • Review of anatomy as well as exploration of the tools used in Cha – footi
  • Clothed and unclothed Cha – footi
  • Self care – limbering up exercises and post massage considerations
  • How to use your body well during Cha – footi
  • Your foot preparation, care & hygiene

NB: We do not teach walking on the back techniques using the whole of your body weight, as these are deemed to be unsafe by our insurers.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Cha - footi £200.00
Early Bird Discount £180.00