Deep Tissue Massage (3 days)

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Date(s) - Thu 29 Aug 2019 - Sat 31 Aug 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Category : Continuing Professional Development - for qualified massage therapists

The  lines  between relaxation massage and deep tissue massage can be blurry. Sometimes, people just ask for a deep tissue massage because they are worried a therapeutic or relaxation massage may not be deep enough for them. Just pressing on harder does not do the trick however, as it just causes pain and potentially damage, without allowing the body to “let you in”. Deep tissue work will always incorporate relaxation, but will be very slow, focusing on specific areas. The lengthening of short muscles and release of fascial restrictions that are brought about by posture, lifestyle, attitudes etc, may involve active participation of the client and is normally done with no or very little lubrication. Sinking deeper, without attempting to coerce the body into submission, is a skill that will keep your practice interesting and attract clients.
Day 1
  • Introduction to deep tissue massage
  • Anatomy of deeper structures, cautions & contraindications
  • Postural imbalances
  • Theory and application,
  • Palpation & techniques for release of musculo-skeletal restrictions
  • Ergonomic and effective bodyuse
  • Save your fingers and thumbs – focus on forearm, elbow and knuckle use

Day 2

  • Going deeper: Working with minimal and no lubrication
  • Specific strategies for the upper body, including a focus on side-lying techniques.
  • and lower body
  • Specific conditions which can be addressed with deep tissue massage

Day 3

  • Working with fascia: Principles and techniques for direct fascial release
  • Specific strategies for the lower body, including a focus on side-lying techniques.
  • Specific conditions which can be addressed with deep tissue massage
This course is a 3 Day course. You may, however, opt to do 1, 2 or all 3 days.
CPD only: Take 1 Day for £130, 2 Days for £240, or all 3 days for 350.
This course can be upgraded to a certificate in deep tissue massage.*
It is also an integral part of our 27 Days Level 4 diploma in Advanced Massage Techniques course, which starts every month.
*Deep tissue certificate: 6 Days (Includes 3 Deep Tissue Days as above, “Knowing where to work: Introduction to Postural Assessment/Bodyreading” 6 hours, 1 Coaching & Student Clinic Day, Case Studies and Homework, Tutorials, Tutor Guidance and SCMT exams).


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