Deep Tissue Massage

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Date(s) - Sat 10 Oct 2020 - Sat 17 Oct 2020
10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Category : Continuing Professional Development - for qualified massage therapists

3 Practical Days that will bring your massage onto a new level!

23, 24, 25 April 2021.

Please note that this course has an online component, which takes 10 to 20 hours and can be started anytime before or during the course. The online component is especially recommended for those who want to brush up on their anatomy. It also contains an introduction to the right setup, body-use and use of elbow, forearms, knuckles and fists and the theory of techniques. The online element can also be taken separately. More information below.

Deep Tissue Massage CPD
Prerequisite: AP&P and bodywork level 3 qualification

The lines between relaxation massage and deep tissue massage can be blurry. Sometimes, people just ask for a deep tissue massage because they are worried a therapeutic or relaxation massage may not be deep enough for them. Just pressing on harder does not do the trick however, as it just causes pain and potentially damage, without allowing the body to “let you in”. Deep tissue work will always incorporate relaxation, but will be very slow, focusing on specific areas. The lengthening of short muscles and release of fascial restrictions that are brought about by posture, lifestyle, attitudes etc, may involve active participation of the client and is normally done with no or very little lubrication. Sinking deeper, without attempting to force the body, is a skill that will keep your practice interesting and attract clients.

We recommend you purchase “A Visual Guide to Deep Tissue Massage” by Art Riggs and “Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel to accompany this course.

Day 1
Please note that most of the content of Day 1 has now been put online and extended for preparation for the course (marked with an *). The online course is meant to make people who are a bit shaky on anatomy and conditions to revise. The homework for this course is however voluntary. You will receive login details to our learning environment after you have purchased the course.

Ideally, you will go through the content of the online course before the practical days, but you can also use the content for revision alongside or after the course.

Introduction to deep tissue massage*
Anatomy of deeper structures, cautions & contraindications*
Postural imbalances*, including recognising pelvic rotations and leg length discrepancies.
Theory and application*
Palpation & techniques for release of musculo-skeletal restrictions*

Through the towel techniques*
Ergonomic and effective bodyuse*
Save your fingers and thumbs – focus on forearm, elbow and knuckle use*

Day 2
Working with fascia: Principles and techniques for direct fascial release
Going deeper: Working with minimal and no lubrication
Soft tissue release
Specific conditions which can be addressed with deep tissue massage, relevant techniques
Strategies for the upper body.
Side-lying techniques for the upper body.

Day 3
Specific conditions which can be addressed with deep tissue massage, relevant techniques
Specific strategies for the lower body, including side-lying techniques.

Combining it all:
How to combine a range of techniques learned on this course into a meaningful, flowing, client-centered deep tissue massage

The fee for this 3 day course £350. When you book onto this course, you also get our Introduction to Deep Tissue Massage online course, which has a value of £49. The practical days take what is being introduced in the online course much further. Please note that for insurance purposes and in accordance with the guidelines of our governing bodies, you will need to take the practical days in order to put deep tissue massage on your insurance. The online element, if fully completed, can however count towards your CPD points (20h+ if all guided homework is submitted).


This is what past students say:
“Great course. I feel I’ve learned a lot that will take my massage to a different level.” Julie
“Very informative and productive three days. Really enjoyed it!” Carole
“This course has taught me so much and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice. The course was very well structured with the right amount of practical/theory time.
Eva is an absolutely incredible teacher. She is so knowledgeable, patient and friendly and allows the students to learn in a relaxed environment.”


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