How To Become A Trauma Savvy Practitioner **FULL**

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Date(s) - Thu 04 Mar 2021 - Thu 25 Mar 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Category : Continuing Professional Development - for qualified massage therapists

Supercharge your practice by becoming a Trauma Savvy Practitioner.

Learn why it is essential to promote massage as a viable approach to working with people who are traumatised.

Mental health services are dealing with a rise in urgent and emergency cases, there is a fear that there might be a ‘tsunami’ of mental illness after the pandemic – Royal College of Psychiatry.

Currently many people aren’t getting touched, because they are in lockdown on their own, or because they are afraid of being in physical contact for fear of catching a ‘nasty virus’. Many individuals are unconsciously living with the message that they are untouchable. We massage therapists, know without a doubt that massage can calm & soothe people. But do you know how?

This course is based mainly on Deb Dana & Stephen Porges’ work on the Polyvagal Theory plus other trauma savvy experts.

Polyvagal theory tells us that being under chronic threat has a direct impact on our body and our mind. When we meet a stressor, known or unknown, it takes us out of loving connection with our self and others and into either shutdown or fight/flight. Moving from loving connection to one of the other fearful states is called dysregulation, but it is not a state that is ‘wrong’. It is not wrong to protect yourself when you sense that you are not feeling safe, it is necessary for survival. Shifting states is a protective and sophisticated dance and like any dance it’s good to know the steps well.

Course Content:

Learn about the essential conditions massage therapists should provide for clients with trauma.
Explore embodiment & how your nervous system communicates to your traumatised clients’ system.
Learn signs & symptoms of trauma.
Self exploration of your autonomic nervous system using mindfulness practices.
Exploratory exercises in small groups & pairs.
A fundamentals map that includes brain science & anatomy.

This course is on Zoom and is experiential using many of the interactive features of this online platform. The course will be held over four weeks on Thursday morning for two hours per week.

Scope of the course: please note that while How To Become A Trauma Savvy Practitioner is offered with an intention to upskill you on the subject of trauma, it is not designed specifically for people currently struggling with traumatic or post-traumatic stress. While I will teach about trauma – and the importance of integrating an understanding of trauma into our practices and lives – this is not a course on techniques on how to heal trauma, per se, which is something that is unique for each person.



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