Online Supervision Group – with Vicky Gaughan

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Date(s) - Mon 22 Jun 2020
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Category : Continuing Professional Development - for qualified massage therapists

This is an online event using  Zoom and is by invitation, after the booking has been received.

Here is some feedback received from participants:

‘…for me it was a great way to connect with different therapists/a wider massage therapist community (and the online approach enables this), your hosting of it primarily too; how you managed the space.. there was room for everyone to speak..I wondered how mics off would feel as, like you said when you introduced it, you felt it needed to be facilitated a bit more ‘rigidly’ but it didn’t actually feel rigid at all, it felt like it flowed and everyone had space if they wanted it. For me too, having you as a facilitator, with your background and my interest with and in trauma and how you frame a lot of things resonates a lot as well as stimulates and increases my own learning/development. Thanks’ – Kathryn Smith

‘I’d certainly second everything Kathryn has said. Having had Vicky as my tutor, it’s not just how much she knows, but also the sensitivity with which she treats everyone that makes the session special’ –  GA

‘So good to connect – thank you Vicky and everyone’  – LH

‘Thank you so much for facilitating a wonderful supervision group, it was a truly a magical space and I so appreciated connecting with other massage
therapists. I loved the structure of the space, and the five min sharing with the offering of the questions, as well as the readings you offered. I think it was very beautifully and lovingly held and that care really came through on the zoom’ – Marianna Musset


The model of supervision I’m using on Zoom is not hands on. It involves some physical activity as well as sharing of concerns, issues and ideas. The middle portion of time gives people the space to interact and help each other find solutions or feel a bit more into a knotty issue with your massage work. This approach is both broad and deep.

I’m offering a space to share how you are feeling at this time of challenge, probably like you’ve never experienced before. And at the same time I want us to maintain inspiration and look for silver linings too, for example, when we get to the other side of this there are going to be many people who will be experiencing touch starvation – it will help you if you are prepared for the part you’ll play by planning for how to offer massage when the time is right.

I have a plan in mind to offer us some structure for our meeting, as I’ve found this worked well in the last meeting, but I’m open to suggestions too. Some of you don’t really know me so feel free to introduce yourself to me ahead of the meeting.

As we are all qualified massage therapists we’ve already got a wealth of experience. And though it might not be apparent, this recent development has a very real offering for us all to gain from. You might not even be thinking that way yet. And this also is normal. We can be all over the place and not be able to think things through at times such as this.

What I know is that support during adversity is crucial, if we are to protect ourselves from the affects these troubling times have brought to our doorstep.

My credentials:

Age is my first offering – I’ve been around for a long time. I even took my turn at being chair of MTI a few years ago! I’ve never faced anything like the Covid 19 crisis but as a practitioner and trainer, I’ve survived several financial recessions and other storms. As well as being a massage trainer and the Principal of SCMT, I’ve been a body psychotherapist for nearly 30 years. I have extensive training and experience with academic qualifications to MA level in Counselling and Psychological therapies as well as Hakomi, which I also teach in Lancaster.

So lets dive in to these uncharted waters together!

When you join please consider:

  • Yours and others privacy for the duration of the meeting and keep other peoples details confidential after the meeting.
  • We will move around a bit so think of a space where you will be able to move for a short time – we offer an embodied therapy and our body is also a resource.
  • Have pen and paper for any notes you might want to make.
  • Maybe have a glass of water or a cuppa at hand.
  • Be prepared to contribute.
  • On zoom you should have your microphone on mute unless you’re talking. We’ll try not to talk all at once or over each other.
  • Be patient, some of us might not have great bandwith (whatever that means!) so there might be delays and glitches.

The cost to you for this group is £10 however, I’d like you to pay 50% of this as a voluntary donation to a rough sleepers and homeless charity called Shelter. See to make your £5 donation – with gratitude.
NB: Come for free if you are impacted financially by Covid19. Contact for your concession. 


Bookings are closed for this event.