At SCMT students benefit from the wealth of experience that each tutor brings.

Vicky Gaughan – SCMT Director & Principal Tutor

Nature is my inspiration, I love being outdoors and I walk a lot. My approach to teaching massage reflects this love. I see myself facilitating growth from the “seed” of interest that students bring along to their training. This is my passion and I have felt privileged to witness hundreds of students these past 25 years, come into full bloom!

I expect a lot of myself as a massage teacher. I deliver a high standard of training and I make no excuses for expecting a lot of my students, this is a competitive industry where standards count. Having said that, I believe there are enough clients for everyone. As long as the practitioner pays attention to their nature they will harvest many fruits

In my life as well as massage, are my Daughter, Son, & two, Grandsons. And a passion to be ever learning.

Eva Weltermann – SCMT Director & Tutor

048My fascination with massage began at an early age, when massage was very much part of my childhood in Germany. My other passion are languages, and I hold a degree in Applied Languages and Cultural Studies (from a German University). After working for 12 years as a translator, I decided to eventually train in Holistic Therapeutic Massage with the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT), which laid the sound foundation for a person-centered, mindful approach to massage – arguably one of the best decisions I made in my life (even in hindsight).

I started work as an assistant teacher on SCMT massage courses in 2008. In 2012, I completed a teacher training with Sheffield Hallam University for adult education (Certificate to Train in the Life-Long Sector, CTLLS).

I find the combination of working and teaching as a massage therapist enormously gratifying, albeit challenging, I would not change it for the world. Considering myself an eternal student, there are so much more areas in the field of bodywork out there to explore, that I cannot imagine I will ever grow tired of it.

Rebecca Shine – Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Tutor

I started my teaching career in 2004 with a passion to help people learn
and to enjoy learning. Many people I’ve come across; including myself have
had a bad educational experience and I wanted to change that. My approach to teaching is to be flexible, to adapt to my learners and to play in sessions both physically and with ideas. By also having a relaxed, respectful and supportive approach, I’ve found that I can engage the learners and help them achieve their potential.
A friend and mentor of mine Lynda had a saying…” I’ve made many mistakes and learned from them, so I think I’ll make some more!”
Mistakes don’t have to be negative, if we look at them from a different
perspective, through reflection we can learn from them, therefore mistakes become positive.

Craig Foden – Visiting Tutor

Craig 5After receiving an inspiring massage for a painful lower back due, in part, to poor drumming posture, I became acutely aware of the healing & restorative potential of massage. My continuing martial arts practice nurtured my growing interest in bodyuse, naturalness of movement and body/mind awareness which encouraged me to seek out and qualify (2005), in professional holistic massage with SCMT

Having enjoyed the entire learning experience so much, I commented to fellow graduates that I would happily repeat the training. When asked if I would like to do just that, but this time as an assistant tutor, I jumped at the chance to continue to learn and share inspiration with ‘new’ students.

I became an accredited tutor with the Massage Training Institute in 2014.


Lauren Beighton – Assistant

My journey as a Massage Therapist began in 2013 when I started my training with Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT).  At this point, I knew I enjoyed helping people and wanted a more active job role than working in an office.

Whilst training in massage I found more than I expected. For the first time in my life, I experienced pure relaxation; this was a life-changing experience. I became interested in the mind/body connection and how massage therapy can help people in a variety of ways.

Over the years I have taken many additional trainings, one being the Ayurvedic Experience & Tour of South India with Vicky Gaughan. We were taught a number of Ayurvedic therapies, my favourites being the Indian Head massage and Shirodhara. I love the world of massage and there appears to be no limit to gaining new skills and learning different modalities.

I am excited and honoured to be assisting on the courses with Sheffield Centre for Massage Training. Walking beside the students on their journey to becoming a professional massage therapist.