"The MTI diploma offered by SCMT was an amazing experience. I feel privileged to have been part of a wonderful group of students that shared an inspiring journey through the course."

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1. EXPERIENCED TUTORS … a wealth of knowledge! more...

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Massage Training Institute (MTI) MTI logois a nationally recognised training and accrediting organisation. On successful completion of your course you will be awarded a Diploma in Holistic Massage.

3. WORK BEFORE YOU GRADUATE … for real! more...

When scap lift you qualify, the biggest obstacle you will have to overcome is the challenge of generating your own work. Unique to SCMT training is the opportunity to undertake a work placement during your course. Each student will choose an area they want to work in and organise, with support from their tutor, their placement. This experience helps you to learn what its like to work as a massage therapist. All the students share their experience in a short presentation thus everyone learns about a range of work opportunities before the training ends.

You also will work in several student clinics thus giving you the experience of working in a clinical setting with members of the public, before you leave the course.

“The student clinic was an important milestone for me” – Helen

It was a great experience to do my placement with Young Mothers at Sure Start as I think they are a neglected group” – Jackie

“I loved working in the Physio Clinic, I learnt a lot about injuries” – Ian

“I was very moved by working with people with Fibromyalgia, I had no idea what a debilitating condition it is” – Clare

“My mum has arthritis so I wanted to learn more, when I worked at the residential home, I met a helpful nurse who taught me loads” – Sue

4. EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING … wisdom embodied more...

A solo scap liftcommon approach at most massage schools is to teach a significant amount of information with the idea that if students memorise enough information they will be successful. The drawback to this approach is that no matter how much a person can memorise it will not guarantee their ability to apply the information appropriately when needed.

At SCMT the emphasis is “try it out and find what works!”. For example, at SCMT we offer many different activities to suit different learning styles. We offer opportunities for group participation in the learning process and a large proportion of the course is experienced based learning. Not only will you learn about massage from a physical point of view but inevitably study & experience the emotional & spiritual connections too.

SCMT develops students to be professional practitioners who can work with a range of people and give massage that really attends to their client’s needs.
SCMT provides a training that is a process over a period of time to enable students to mature and develop to become professional and confident practitioners.

5. INSPIRING … who inspires you? more...

FrequentlyIMG_1132 students report how inspired they feel during the training and after they qualify. The course is built on inspiration and the training is shaped by the feedback received from students. “can we have more student clinics?” “lets look at healing sooner” “can we have more coaching please?” All the trainers continue their own training and weave this into the course to keep it alive and inspiring.

You will be surrounded by inspiration. Yes your tutors are inspirational but so are the other students. Trainees come from lots of different backgrounds and life experience. You are inspiring too and by choosing to undertake a massage training with SCMT you will inspire everyone you know.

6. WIDE SPECTRUM … the four corners of the earth more...

YourHF 8 clr should (2) training includes a wide spectrum of techniques and approaches from deep muscular work & passive joint mobilisation to light energetic touch and work in the aura. It looks at the reasons for physical distress in the body, whether it is expressed as a headache, backache, joint problems, stress, sleeplessness, sadness, anxiety or depression. By working with massage we can soften the physical armouring, release held tension and free old fixed patterns in the body. Making sense of the energetic and emotional meaning of physical posture, non-verbal communication and bodily symptoms is unique to the Massage Therapy that is on offer at SCMT.

At SCMT we emphasise

  • Intergrative Massage that is tailored to each individual client
  • Good communication skills
  • Self care
  • Reflective practice
  • Creativity
  • Fun

7. INTEGRATIVE … weaver, weave your massage! more...

In glute stretch 2the last few decades other elements have lead to the emergence of the more ‘holistic’ style of massage taught by SCMT. Traditions from the East including meditation, T’ai Chi, and other martial arts, dance and also bodywork disciplines have offered practical ideas of body and body use that underpins this training. Western approach to disease is studied as is some body psychotherapy traditions. Common to SCMT is the importance of practitioners working on themselves. A self – care programme is developed by each individual student thus making it possible to embody the energy that they wish to create around their massage practice.

In a massage session with a client you will draw upon the many areas that have been explored during your training.

  • It is common for all massages you give to be different.
  • You can expect to be creative instead of sticking to a rigid routine.
  • You can expect to critically evaluate your own practice in order to develop.

During your training you will receive massage as part of your learning and development.

8. SCMT … a beautiful venue to train in! more...

SCMT is based at MUDRA, Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel Street, S1 2NU. Mudra is the brand spanking new home for Sheffield Centre for Massage Training and has a large training room perfect for your massage training journey.

9. CARING for the CARER … healer heal thyself! more...

“Healer, Heal Thyself”052-1 is an ancient statement that teaches us how to become holistic massage professionals. Our training’s are designed so that you can experientially attain what you need. At SCMT you are given every opportunity to reach your potential as a massage therapist.

Taking time to reflect on your own practice and develop your style are ways in which you can become a unique practitioner, skilled in dealing with a range of clients. Your own healing experience throughout our holistic massage course empowers you to facilitate supportive healing for others on all levels; body, mind and emotion.

Care and Use of Your Own BodyCraig relaxed wrist

  • Emphasis is placed on looking after your own body when you are doing massage; how you can protect and avoid overuse of your hands and joints and how to use your movement and body weight effectively.
  • SCMT train people for long careers as massage practitioners.
  • SCMT graduates stand out. Often practitioners who have trained elsewhere remark ‘where did you train, you move so well around the table – who taught you to do that?’

By the end of the course your journey has only just begun and you’ll need to continue to nurture your skill by attending continual professional development courses.

10. RITES of PASSAGE … exams & assessments. more...

YourIMG_1444 development as a massage practitioner is closely monitored. At the end of each of the three phases to your training you will take a practical assessment. The first assessment is on basic skills, the second a little more complex and the third is based on the final assessment i.e. a “mock”

The mock and the final assessment are as close to ‘real life’ as a professional session.

  • The assessments take place in a professional setting.
  • Your assessment is held in a clinic room with an unknown client (allocated by the training provider) observed one-to-one throughout by an examiner.
  • Students’ course work, client case histories etc. are part of the practical assessment and will be verified by the external examiner.

Testing theoretical knowledge

  • The IMG_2852emphasis is on testing knowledge specifically relevant to massage as applied in practice e.g. rationale behind contraindications, effects of different massage strokes, physiology of stress etc.
  • The exam tests students’ understanding and ability to apply knowledge to client’s needs e.g. the use of knowledge in treatment planning.
  • The pass mark is 65%

Our courses speak for themselves and our students speak for us!

“I really want to say thank-you for the last year. You are an excellent teacher and it has been a joy to learn with you. This last year has been important to me in ways that I know about and I suspect in ways that I am yet to discover and my thanks is heartfelt and huge!”

Jo Cowen – Manchester

“One of the many things I loved about training with SCMT was that in addition to learning various skills and techniques we were encouraged to explore massage playfully, finding and developing our own unique talents. Not only did I graduate with a diploma in holistic massage, but I graduated with confidence in my ability to massage skillfully, creatively and intuitively. SCMT offer a professional massage training that has a genuinely person-centred approach at its heart. If  you’re looking for a high quality massage training that is filled with opportunities for personal growth, then I highly recommend SCMT.”

Annie Bantoft  – Sheffield

“Studying at SCMT was a very enjoyable experience for me. The atmosphere is calm, relaxed and friendly. The tutors are highly professional and offer a wealth of experience. They encouraged me to discover my strengths as a massage therapist and to build on them. Not only did I learn how to massage with care and respect, I also learned to adapt my style to the needs of each individual client.  Thanks to my training at SCMT, I feel confident within my profession and trusted by my clients.”

Gary Bolington – Sheffield

“Making the choice to study again has been one of the best decisions i have have ever made! SCMT provides a supportive and creative environment to both learn and develop not only as a massage therapist but also as an individual. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of my time spent there.”

Jade Goacher – Sheffield

“Thank you for a great course, I’ve learnt loads! Vicky, I love your passion & dedication. I also love how you treated everyone with an openess & non-judgementalness, so we could bring our individual expressions”.

Angela Parvin – Leeds

“The 80 miles drive is worth it for every class, it is a pleasure to learn in such a warm, welcoming and tranquil atmosphere – I feel privileged to be taking the course.”

Graham Reagan – Malton North Yorkshire

“The MTI diploma offered by SCMT was an amazing experience. I feel priviledged to have been part of a wonderful group of students that shared an inspiring journey through the course. The care and support from the tutors ensured I always felt I was brave enough to rise to the challenges (despite not being very brave by nature!) The whole experience enriched my life. I am still thoroughly enjoying massage and continue to massage friends and family on a regular basis.”

Karen Guymer – Sheffield

“I have found the course to be a valuable and rewarding experience, within a supportive environment.
I would not have wished to miss this opportunity and I look forward to the prospect of using my new found skills within the field of massage.”

Sarah Hall – Sheffield

In praise of SCMT…

‘Fantastic opportunities to be creative and become a unique practitioner’ …’AP&P lessons were great!’…How interactive & original the lessons are’…’The work placement gives you the opportunity to dip your toe into areas you might like to work in’…’Student Clinics are a great learning experience’…’Engaging & interesting lessons’…’I really looked forward to my 216 mile round trip every week come rain or shine’…’Inspirational Teachers’…’Being encouraged to find the therapist within’…’A safe space to learn & experiment’.